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Financial Planning & Analysis

Earnings Budget Process

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FY 2014 Earnings Budget Timelines

FY 2014 Budget Templates (all general, earnings, and restricted funds)
March 20
  • FY2014 Budget Template for all current fund groups released. Budgets for earnings funds need to be reported in aggregate on this template for the following categories: Departmental Earnings, Conferences, University Services, Auxiliaries, and Other Earnings.
  • March - April
  • Budget workshops facilitated by Financial Planning & Analysis.
  • April 19
  • FY2014 Budget Template due.

    FY 2014 Earnings Budget Process
    April 11
  • Earnings budget guidance and timetable sent to Senior Fiscal Officers.
  • University planning assumptions available on Financial Planning & Analysis' website.
  • Budgets submitted during this process must tie in total to the budgets submitted in the FY2014 Budget Templates.
  • April 15
  • PeopleSoft panels open.
  • Web-based spreadsheets available.
  • May 17
  • All Auxiliary budgets and fees and charges must be submitted to Financial Planning & Analysis.
  • May 31
  • All other earnings budgets and fees and charges must be submitted to Financial Planning & Analysis. Last day to submit earnings budget templates or complete budgets in PeopleSoft panels.
  • June 01 - June 21
  • Budget materials reviewed and frozen by Financial Planning & Analysis analysts.
  • June 24 - June 28
  • Budgets loaded to earnings ledger .
  • August 01
  • PeopleSoft Earnings Maintenance Panel operative for FY2014 Earnings Budget.