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Financial Planning & Analysis

University Planning Assumptions

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University Planning Assumptions - FY18

Composite Benefit Rates
  • FY18 Proposed Benefit Rates
  • FY18 Benefit Rate Breakdown
  • FY18 FGP Benefits Rate Detail
  • Archived Composite Benefit Rates
  • University Overhead Rates
  • FY18 University Overhead Rates
  • Regional Campus Service Charge
  • FY18 Regional Surcharge
  • Plant Operations and Maintenance Rates
  • FY18 Plant Operations and Maintenance Rates
  • Direct Billed Utility Rates
  • FY18 Direct Billed Utility Rates
  • ACMP Increase
  • 2% for FY18
  • Debt Service Payments
  • Budget in accordance with the debt service payment schedule provided by the Office of Financial Services. Contact Regina Wright at 688-3655 if you have not yet received a schedule.